Gibraltar Port Authority Staff Complete Port Security Training

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) is pleased to announce that two of its members of staff recently completed a training course for Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO). Port Officers Paul Howard and Stefan Rothwell attended the course, held in conjunction with Gibdock, focussing on port and maritime security. The course was run by Teamwork Security, a UK based company, certified by the Department for Transport (DFT). The course covered all aspects of security including planning, security management and awareness, appertaining legislation, ISPS documentation, and emergency preparedness. Both officers are now fully qualified as PFSO, forming an integral part of the GPA’s security team within the Port.

CEO and Captain of the Port stated that ‘the importance of security at one of the main points of entry into Gibraltar in the current security climate is self evident. We continue to ensure that personnel charged with responsibility in this key area are provided with the necessary training and personal development to do their job.’