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Full Services and Facilities

Cruise ships can berth alongside both sides of the Cruise Terminal within an hour of leaving the main shipping lanes. A total quay length of 940 metres allows up to four medium sized or two large sized vessels to berth alongside simultaneously. 

The Port's attractive and efficient Cruise Terminal  has a range of facilities including telephones, bar/cafeteria, arts and craft shops, display areas and a Gibraltar Tourist Board Information office.  The Cruise Terminal is situated within the restricted security zone with a visible but discreet security presence including x-ray machines and metal detectors.  Port waters are patrolled continuously by the Gibraltar Port Authority, Ministry of Defence and the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section.

Gibraltar is a busy commercial port and a multi-service centre with plenty of experience across a diverse range of activities from bunkers, provisioning and crew changes to the supply of spare parts and repairs.

  • Bunkers - full bunkering facilities are available for visiting vessels.
  • Supplies - Gibraltar can supply a full range of produce. Urgent spares can also be air-freighted to the local airport. All provisions and spare parts are supplied free of VAT in Gibraltar.
  • Crew changes - With its airport located only a few minutes from the Cruise Terminal, Gibraltar is ideal for crew changes. An extra advantage is that personnel joining ships do not need visas.
  • Ship agents - Gibraltar has numerous shipping agencies with wide experience in serving cruise ships and their passengers.
  • Repairs - Gibdock operates a ship repair facility which includes three dry docks. The largest can accommodate vessels up to 270 metres in length. The shipyard also carries out work alongside or at anchor. A number of other companies do alongside repair work, and underwater repairs, hull cleaning and maintenance. Refer to the Maritime Directory.
Suitable Passenger Berths 4
Berth Names 1-2 East, 2-3 East, 1-2 West, 2-3 West
Are Tugs available Yes
Numbers of Tugs 5
Are Tugs Compulsory No
Ship or Tug Lines Master's decision (Pilot's advice)
Tug Hours 24 hours
Linesmen Hours 24 hours
Stevedoring Hours 24 hours
Port Officials Hours 24 hours
Customs Officials Hours 24 hours
Arrival/Departure Time Restrictions None
Maximum Length Unlimited
Maximum Beam Unlimited
Maximum Airdraft Unlimited
Maximum Pax Unlimited
Tide Variation 1 metre
Are Line Boats Available Yes
Local Gangways Available Yes
Can Ships Gangways be used Yes
Nearest Tourist Office In Cruise Terminal
Bank Facilities Bureau De Change (in Cruise Terminal)
Taxis Location Outside Cruise Terminal
Shuttle Bus Location Outside Cruise Terminal
Restroom Facilities In Cruise Terminal
Postal Facilities In Cruise Terminal
Berth To City Centre Distance 1 km
Berth To City Centre Time 10 min. walk
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Gibraltar Port Authority Logo

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