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The following tonnage dues shall be payable on all vessels arriving at, touching at, or having communication with Gibraltar, or the anchorage, port or harbour thereof in respect of each period of 48 hours or part thereof that a vessel remains at Gibraltar. Tonnage dues include an Administration Fee to cover the cost of implementation of Port Waste Regulations and security measures determined by the ISPS Code.

Vessels up to 1,000 GRT £52.00
Vessels 1,001 and up to 5,000 GRT £101.00
Vessels 5,001 and up to 10,000 GRT £210.00
Vessels 10,001 and up to 15,000 GRT £278.00
Vessels 15,001 and up to 30,000 GRT £528.00
Vessels 30,001 and up to 50,000 GRT £963.00
Vessels 50,001 and up to 70,000 GRT £1,758.00
Vessels 70,001 and up to 100,000 GRT £2,275.00
Vessels 100,001 and up to 150,000 GRT £2,500.00
Vessels greater than 150,001 GRT £3,000.00

A marpol discount will be applied to waste landed in Gibraltar.

Except in the case of the component of tonnage that relates to charges or costs referred to above, the following discounts on the standard rates of tonnage shall apply to the specified classes of vessel

Vessels calling to discharge/load containers 30%
Bunker calls - ships whose main purpose of call is to take on bunkers provided the ship leaves no later than 6 hours after completion of bunkers 75%
Vessels calling at the Eastern Anchorage in order to take on provisions, spares or stores, or to carry out crew changes, for a maximum of 48 hours 75%
Vessels within dry dock 100%

Passenger Ships - Tonnage Dues

The following tonnage dues shall be payable by all passenger vessels arriving or touching at Gibraltar or the anchorage, port or harbour:-

Vessels up to 10 GRT 15.00
Vessels 10 GRT and up to 50  17.50
Vessels 50 GRT and up to 200 22.50
Vessels 200 GRT and up to 1,000 32.50
Vessels 1,000 GRT and up to 1,500 40.00
Vessels 1,500 GRT and up to 2,000  47.50
Vessels 2,000 GRT and up to 5,000 75.00
Vessels 5,000 GRT  and up to 7,000 80.00
Vessels 7,000 GRT and up to 10,000 87.50
Vessels 10,000 GRT and up to 15,000 90.00
Vessels 15,000 GRT and up to 20,000 97.50
Vessels 20,000 GRT and up to 30,000 105.00
Vessels 30,000 GRT and up to 40,000 112.50
Vessels 40,000 GRT and up to 50,000 120.00
Vessels 50,000 GRT and up to 70,000 135.00
Vessels 70,000 GRT and up to 100,000 150.00
Vessels greater than 100,000 GRT 200.00


In addition to the tonnage dues payable, berthing charges shall be payable by every vessel which is berthed at, or alongside, any quay, wharf or jetty in the port or harbour of Gibraltar, at the following rates:

(a) Home trade vessels not exceeding 1000 Tons Gross other than vessels detailed under (i) 6p

(b) Home trade vessels over 1000 Tons Gross other than vessels detailed under

(d) (e) (f) (g) or (i)
Full Rate
(c) Foreign going vessels other than vessels detailed under
(d) (e) (f) (g) (h) or (i)
Full Rate
(d) For every vessel berthing at the Detached Mole solely and exclusively for repairs or for underwater cleaning 5p
(e) For every vessel berthing anywhere in the port other than the Detached Mole solely and exclusively for repairs or for underwater cleaning 11p
(f) For every vessel berthing solely and exclusively for bunkers or to take on supplies of fresh water whilst so bunkering or taking on supplies of fresh water while alongside a berth 3p
(g) For every cruise ship 1p
(h) Home trade and foreign going vessels laid up or under Admiralty arrest 6p
Laid up arrest
(i) All vessels the master, owners or agents of which at the time of berthing express the intention of remaining in Gibraltar for a period in excess of three months and do so remain for such period At such rate as may be agreed with the Captain of the Port
(j) For every vessel discharging any cargo at the Port 8p
Full Rate
(k)For every passenger ferry registered in Gibraltar and operating a regular service within a distance of 50 miles from Gibraltar 3p
(l) For every pure car carrier over 20,000 tons gross discharging at the port 6p
(m) Any other category not listed above 8p

The above rates for vessels and all sub-paragraphs are chargeable from the time of arrival alongside with a minimum charge per vessel of £5 per 24 hours or part thereof - charges are per 24 hour period supplement 1p per GRT beyond.

Vessels chargeable under sub-paragraph (f):

(i) may take on ship's stores for consumption aboard without becoming liable to be charged under any other sub-paragraph but shall, if passengers (whether fare-paying or not) embark or disembark or if cargo (whether freight earning or not) is loading or discharged cease to be chargeable under that sub-paragraph and be charged under sub-paragraph (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (l) or (m) whichever may be appropriate:

(ii) may, at the discretion of the Captain of the Port be allowed to be berthed for a period not exceeding 4 hours whilst such vessel is not bunkering or taking on supplies of fresh water; provided that during such period the vessel is unable to leave the berth or the master or officer in charge refuses to move the vessel from where it is berthed immediately after receiving instruction from the Captain of the Port to do so the vessel shall be charged under sub-paragraph (a) (b) or (c) as appropriate.

Superyacht Tariff Card

Description Rate
Berthing Fees
(including at anchor)

(i) Set at £5/m per day


Discounts for visits of
more than 4 days shall
also apply on a case
by case basis

(i) 5 to 7 days @ 2%

(ii) Up to 14 days @ 3.5%

(iii) Up to 30 days @ 5%

(iv) Up to 60 days @ 7.5%

(v) Up to 90 days @10%

(vi) For over 90 days at such rate
as may be determined by the
Captain of the Port on his


Operations that take place within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters which do not require the vessel to anchor or touch upon Gibraltar are charged at the following rates:

GT £
Vessels up to 1,000 GRT £40.00
Vessels  over 1,001 up to 5,000 GRT  £75.00
Vessels over 5,001 and up to 10,000 GRT £145.00
Vessels over 10,001 GRT £155.00

REVENUE (Payable Annually)

Up to 15 feet £20
Over 15 feet but not exceeding 20 feet £40
Over 20 feet but not exceeding 25 feet £80
Over 25 feet but not exceeding 30 feet £120

There is  a Passenger Charges Discount Scheme which is a sliding scale based on the number of calls made by a cruise ship during a calendar year.

(a) there shall be paid in respect of every fare-paying passenger on departure from or upon arrival in Gibraltar by ferry, nil;
(b) subject to sub-paragraph (c), there shall be paid in respect of every fare-paying passenger on arrival £1 and departure £1 in Gibraltar by cruise ship;
(c) the sum to be paid under sub-paragraph (b) shall be reduced according to the following table below:-

2-4 calls 10%
5-10 calls 35%
11-19 calls 50%
20 or more 75%
Ships commencing and terminating a cruise at Gibraltar



Transatlantic Repositioning Call, ie where the cruise ship calls at Gibraltar when repositioning across the Atlantic from a North or South American, or Caribbean port to Europe or vice versa according to the season


In addition to the above reductions, a further reduction will apply as follows, depending on the total number of passengers brought to Gibraltar during a calendar year

10,000 - 20,000 Additional 10% off the first discount
20,001 - 40,000 Additional 20% off the first discount
40,001 - 60,000 Additional 30% off the first discount
60,001 - 90,000 Additional 40% off the first discount
Over 90,001 Additional 50% off the first discount

(d) For the purposes of calculating the number of calls made in sub-paragraph (c), calls made by any cruise ship which is -

(a) operated by the same company; and/or
(b) marketed under the same company brand,

shall be aggregated, and the relevant reduction shall apply in respect of each such cruise ship.

(e) there shall be paid in respect of every fare-paying passenger on arrival in Gibraltar by cruise ship an environmental levy of an additional £1.

The annual fees for Port Operators will be as follows:

(a) Registration as Port employer for an entity first registered after 3 May 2001 £1,000.00
(b) Annual re-registration as a Port employer £100.00
(c) Annual fee for a  
i) Bunkering Licence £50,000.00
ii) Stevedoring Licence £3,000.00
iii) Ship Repair Licence £1,000.00
iv) Ship Agency Licence £1,000.00
v) Ship Chandlery Licence £1,000.00
vi) Tug Operators Licence £1,000.00
vii) Service Craft Operators Licence £1000.00
viii) Waste Operators Licence £1000.00
ix) Commercial Diving Licence £1000.00
x) Dock Work Licence £1000.00
xi) Ancillary Service Licence £250.00
xii) Any Other Commercial or Industrial Licence £1000.00

Fees for registration and re-registration of port workers:

Annual fee for registration of a port worker £2
Annual fee for re-registration of a port worker £2

Fees for certificates and licences:

Fees for the issue or renewal of a certificate of registration as a port operator £5
Fees for the issue or renewal of a certificate of registration as a port worker £5
Fee for the issue of a duplicate certificate £5
Fee for the endorsement of a certificate of registration £5
Fee for the amendment of a certificate of registration £5

Fees for inspection and copies:

Fee for inspection of a licence £10
Fee for a certified copy of a licence or certificate £5
Fee for inspection of an application £5
Fee for a copy of an application £5
In addition to any other charges payable under these Rules there shall be payable in respect of every vessel that takes on board bunker fuel for its own use or for export, a bunkering charge at the following rate per tonne of bunker fuel supplied. £0.20
Charge in respect of the first grant of bunkering licence. £250,000
<50,000 mt  £5,000
50,001-100,000 mt  £9,000
100,001-150,000 mt  £13,000
150,001-200,000 mt  £17,000
Overland containers unloading at Port £50.00
Issue of Port Clearance Note (what is also commonly known as a Suez Canal Certificate) £500.00
Issue of harbour craft passenger certificates £100.00
Pratique certificate for yachts (regardless of length or size) £500.00
Petroleum Licence £1000.00
Pleasure boat licence £25.00
Port Workers Permit £5.00
Any other certificate £100.00
Issue of Duplicate pleasure boat licence £10.00
Amendment of a pleasure boat licence £5.00

Fees for the hire of floating fenders are:

per fender per day or part of a day for the first 30 days £30
per fender per day or part thereafter £15
No fees will be charged for the use of port gangways.  

Fees for the hire of the Port launch are:

per hour on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) from 0800 to 1700 £110
per hour on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) from 1700 to 0800 £220
per hour Weekends and public holidays £220

A person who wishes to use any space for the storage of oil drums or anything else within the confines of the Port at a location approved by the Captain of the Port shall be liable to pay a fee of £2.50 per sq.ft

An operator wishing to have a portacabin shall be liable to pay a fee of £2.50 per sq. ft.

For further details on these port charges please contact the Gibraltar Port Authority  on Tel: +350 200 46254 Ext 4003/4004.

Charge Gross Tonnage
£77.00 Ships up to 1,000 GT
£119.00 Ships from 1,000 to 2,999 GT
£178.00 Ships from 3,000 to 9,999 GT
£237.00 Ships from 10,000 to 19,999 GT
£271.00 Ships from 20,000 to 29,999 GT
£355.00 Ships over 30,000 GT
£50.00  Extension of current valid sanitation certificate

With the exceptions of:
Vessels with the capacity to carry between 50 and 1000 persons - £355.00
Vessels with the capacity to carry more than 1000 persons - £592.00

There will be no charge for the inspection of vessels and the issue of the Certificates during normal office hours except for an additional charges which may include the following:-
Microbiological/chemical water, Legionella and Food sample analysis.
Extra charges may be added for exceptional costs such as launch hire.

Please see tariff guide under Maritime Services - Port Waste Management - Marpol Scheme
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