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The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) has prepared its Port Waste Management Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Merchant Shipping (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2002, as amended (PWRF) and Directive 2000/59/EC on port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues.

The plan covers the provision and management of waste reception facilities for ship-generated wastes and cargo residues in the Port of Gibraltar and British Gibraltar Territorial Waters. This 2018 waste management plan is approved by the Minister with responsibility for the Port.

The plan explains the responsibilities of all parties involved in the port waste management chain, including the ship, the ship’s agent, waste contractors, GPA, the Gibraltar Maritime Administration (GMA), the Gibraltar Environment Agency and any third parties appointed to assist in the enforcement of the waste reception and handling plans. The plan describes the facilities available for the reception of all types of ship-generated waste and cargo residues that normally use the port noting the volume limitation in Gibraltar due to its limited geographical area and that most vessels calling at Gibraltar do so at anchor. The Plan also covers how the wider waste management system operates in the Port, including reporting, record-keeping, charging system, complaints, consultation and review process.

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