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OS 35 Recovery Coordination Group Update (09/09/22)

10 Sep 2022

OS 35 Recovery Coordination Group Update (09/09/22) Image

OS 35 – Overnight Update - Saturday 10th September 2022

The situation remains stable onboard, with no significant developments  overnight.

A large multiagency response involving boom deployments and a  coordinated clean-up strategy has ensured Gibraltar’s beaches are safe and clean on National Day.
Response teams have been carrying out assessments of our beaches  since the early hours and will carry out patrols on the shorelines  throughout the day. There is now a significantly less amount of oil  showing up on Gibraltar’s beaches and any small globules that are found are being dealt with as soon as possible.
The southern half of the shoreline at Little Bay remains closed to the  public as clean-up operations of the area continues. Bathers can still  make use of the beach right up to the northern end. At present, all of Gibraltar’s beaches are flying the yellow flag.

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