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08 Sep 2022

PRESS RELEASE - OS 35 UPDATE - 8/9/22 Image

OS 35 Recovery Coordination Group Update

The OS 35 Recovery Coordination Group met this afternoon at No 6  Convent Place. The meeting was chaired by Minister for the Port Vijay  Daryanani and was attended by the Captain of the Port and representatives from stakeholder departments and agencies.

The situation onboard the vessel is stable, with no significant  developments and operations ongoing.

As expected, there is some light sheening outside the second boom but  all indications are that the amount of free floating sheen is still  significantly reduced.
The containment strategy deployed around OS 35 continues with good  progress. Successful skimming operations have been taking place  throughout the day, with several service craft working to contain any sheening within the second boom.
Additionally, two launches with J formation and a launch with sorbent  booms have been operational since early morning to tackle any sheen outside the containment zone.
The salvage team continues clearing the vessel of any materials that  could contaminate further.

The MULTI CAT NERO cast off with 5 bags full of chemicals and other  household garbage which was collected yesterday.
A second port tug was on site to assist the ASTERIAS to come alongside  the OS 35 vessel.

The Captain of the Port has adopted a staggered approach in the  reopening of the Port to allow nonbunkering operations as of yesterday  evening.

Clean-up efforts have focused on Sandy Bay, Little Bay and Camp Bay.
The oil globules found at Sandy Bay this morning have been cleared with some oil remaining on the outer groins. A section of the shoreline at Little Bay will be cordoned off to the public as there is still a considerable amount of rocks covered in oil.
The boom in place at Catalan Bay has been shortened to mitigate the  chances of the boom washing up on the shore if the weather turns for worse over the course of the weekend.

The Recovery Coordination Group will reconvene tomorrow.


OS 35 – Overnight Update

The situation remains stable onboard, with no significant developments overnight.

The situation at the beaches continues to be reviewed daily and the booms  in place are generally working well.

Red flag to remain in place at Little Bay whilst clean-up efforts continue.  Sandy Bay has had significant oil globules and boom material washed up  on shore. Clean-up efforts will focus on Sandy Bay first thing in the morning.

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