Mid Harbour Marina – New Constitution Published

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) and Mid-Harbour Marina Caretaker Committee have recently agreed the formal Constitution for the management of the Mid-Harbour Marina which will now be made available to members in advance of the first General Meeting to be held on 6th January 2017.

The Constitution can also be found online at www.gibraltarport.com/mid-harbour-marina and will be published in the Gazette in accordance with the provisions of the Small Vessels (Moorings Controls) Rules 2016. Formal notices for this meeting will be circulated to all members of the marina by the Caretaker Committee. The sole purpose of this meeting will be to elect a formal Committee under the new Constitution.

The Minister for Maritime Affairs, Hon Gilbert Licudi QC commented that ‘a lot of hard work by the Caretaker Committee and the GPA has resulted in a robust constitution being prepared which will serve the new Committee as it takes control of managing the Mid-Harbour Marina for the benefit of all its users’. Mr Licudi expressed his sincere appreciation for the efforts of all parties involved.