Busy Weekend for the Port Launch

The bank holiday weekend proved to be a busy one for the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) launch, GENERAL ELLIOT II. In addition to her routine tasking of cruise liner escort, patrolling of BGTW and embarkation and disembarkation of GPA and GMA personnel onboard vessels anchored in the bay, the launch was involved in a number of other tasks.

During the weekend, the port launch was called out twice to rescue broken down vessels and tow them to safety, to retrieve a semi-sunk RHIB inside the harbour and in reaction to two separate medical disembarkation cases.During one of these events (see photo) the launch crew, in assistance with GHA paramedics, carried out a stretcher disembarkation, in very challenging conditions, of a crew member from the vessel ALMI SKY suffering from severe abdominal pains, to be transferred for treatment ashore.

CEO and Captain of the Port, Bob Sanguinetti said that ‘this, once again, clearly demonstrates the utility and versatility of the Port launch and its professional crew in helping with the maintenance of safety of navigation and in providing vital assistance to the marine community in our busy waters’.