Safety at Sea for All

The Port Authority would like to remind the general public and especially recreational users that there is a speed limit of 5 knots for all vessels in the inner harbour. Any vessel which exceeds this may be liable to prosecution under the Port Act. More generally, particular care should also be taken by speed boat and jet ski users when navigating in the vicinity of other vessels or swimmers in the busy waters off the coastline.

The Port Authority would also like to highlight legislation regarding minimum age, adequate insurance cover and level of proficiency for speed boat and jet ski users. Further details can be found on the Government’s website at

Deputy Captain of the Port, Manuel Tirado said “For the safety of everyone at sea, as large numbers of pleasure boat owners take to the water this summer, it is essential that we all proceed with due care and attention for others, ensuring we take every precaution to minimise risk of collision, damage or injury. All boat users are reminded of the need to, at all times, proceed at a safe speed and not to produce wake or wash that could cause a nuisance to others.”

The ‘Safety at Sea’ booklet, produced by the GPA in conjunction with the RGP and the GMA, has been reissued, and is available online at, at the Port Office, and in the Pier Office at all local marinas.

(Photo: Courtesy of Boating Times)