Seafarers' Welfare

The Gibraltar Port Welfare Committee (GPWC) coordinates the provision of welfare services to merchant seafarers visiting the Port. It provide a forum where all those involved in seafarers' welfare can meet regularly, share information, provide mutual support and generally network. They also provide an opportunity to brief members on wider issues that may affect seafarers and their families visiting or resident around their ports.

The GPWC have a useful website which provides further information on facilities available in Gibraltar and this can be accessed by clicking on the following link: GPWC website

Gibraltar Seafarers' Centre

Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers Centre,
Flying Angel Club,
North Mole,
Tel: +350 200 41799 or +350 200 78377

Gibraltar Port Welfare Committee (MNWB)

Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers, Apostleship of the Sea, Sailor Society, Seaman’s Welfare Fund

The list below contains names and telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact for assistance and support to Seafarers whether ashore or afloat.

James Ferro MBE - Chairman GPWC                   

Tel +350 20076502 
Mob +350 57405000 

Clive Nuza - Deputy Chairman GPWC       

Tel +350-20071797 
Mob +350 58008159

Port Chaplain

Rev John Paddock - Port Chaplain (Church of England)

Mob +350 56000360

Fr Derek Alvarez - Port Chaplain (RC)               

Tel +350 20076688
Mob +350 54006914

Revd Fidel Patron - Port Chaplain (Methodist)                    

Tel +350 20040870
Mob +350-58137000

Other religious clerics are available on request. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are ready to serve.

SeafarerHelp...the lifeline for Seafarers


SMS: +44(0)7624818405
Request call-back +44 207 323 2737